Đề thi IELTS Writing Task 2 ngày 05/05/2018

Đề bài: These days people in some country are living in a “throw-away” society which mean people use things in a short time then throw them away. Causes and effects?

SAMPLE IELTS Writing Task 2 ngày 05/05/2018

A key aspect of the modern consumer society is that people tend to buy things more frequently. This can be attributed to various factors and lead to a number of undesirable effects.

There are two main reasons for the ignition and acceleration of this throwaway lifestyle. For one thing, we are living in a consumerist society in which newly released products bombard the market on a daily basis. This, in its turn, allows people to make regular purchases in order to keep up with the cutting-edge technology. Another major point to consider is the deliberate production of short-lived goods. The massive manufacturing industry of every country is expanding, resulting in increasing demand of people’ consumption. This leads to the fact that consumer durables are being replaced gradually by other less durable goods. As a result, users are left with no chance but to throw away the broken products and opt for new ones.

This can cause problems, the most obvious being the detrimental effects on the environment. Goods require not only raw materials such as wood, plastic and metals, but also energy in the form of oil and electricity, for example. Therefore, we are consuming these resources in far greater quantities since there are more people with the money to buy them, they are buying them at shorter intervals and the goods generally require more resources to manufacture. An example of this is the use of rare earth metals in the production of electronic goods. Another issue that economists have noted is that a thrown-away society encourages people to spend rather than to save money. It is certainly economically advantageous to have people spending as this creates jobs. However, if people do not save enough to provide security in their old age or when they are ill, this becomes a problem.

In conclusion, a throwaway culture which wreaks devastation on our environment and depletes our natural resources is formed largely by modern consumerism.

VOCABULARY IELTS Writing Task 2 ngày 05/05/2018

Be attributed to

là do, là kết quả của

Ignition (n)

sự bắt đầu;

Consumerist society

xã hội tiêu dùng

Newly released products

sản phẩm mới được bày bán

Bombard (v)

tràn ngập, dồn dập

Keep up with

bắt kịp với

Cutting-edge technology

công nghệ hiện đại nhất

Short-lived products

sản phẩm ngắn hạn

Massive manufacturing industry

ngành công nghiệp sản xuất đại trà

Consumer durables (n)

hàng tiêu dùng lâu bền

Opt for (v)

chọn lựa

Detrimental (adj) = harmful

có hại

Wreak devastation on

tàn phá

Deplete (v)

làm cạn kiệt

Consumerism (n)

chủ nghĩa tiêu dùng.

ASSESSMENT IELTS Writing Task 2 ngày 05/05/2018

The response sufficiently addresses all parts of the task. All aspects of cohesion are wellmanaged and paragraphing is used appropriately. There is a wide range of vocabulary used with very natural and sophisticated control of lexical features (consumerist society, newly released products, wreak devastation on, cutting-edge technology, short-lived products,…).
A wide range of structures is used with full flexibility and accuracy.

  • Task achievement: 8.5;

  • Coherence and Cohesion: 8.5;

  • Lexical Resources: 9.0;

  • Grammatical Range and Accuracy: 9.0.


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