Đề thi IELTS Writing Task 2 ngày 08/06/2017

Đề bài: Some people say that it is possible for a county to be both economically successful and have a clean environment. Others disagree. Discuss both view and give your opinion


Opinion: Possible

Body 1: Economic growth inevitably leads to environmental degradation.

Idea 1: The economy develops -> leads to industrial development -> require more resources and energy -> environment is exploited.

Ý 2: The economy develops -> citizens need more consumer goods -> produce more waste, both solid and liquid one -> make the earth into an inhabitable place.

-> Example: US, a country in the developed world, was one of the countries that produce the most waste per person.

Body 2: It is possible for the co-existence between economic growth and clean environment.

Ý 1: Applying breakthroughs in science and technology -> find alternative energy sources like wind or solar power -> those kinds of energy are environmentally friendly yet fulfil the needs of humans for power.

Ý 2: Increase investment in waste treatment system -> waste is classified and recycled in an effective way -> sustainability will be within reach.

Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2 ngày 08/06/2017

Sustainable development is now becoming a topic of concern of each country in the world. While some people believe that the desire to develop economy without any adverse impacts on the environment is unpractical, I believe it is achievable.

On the one hand, the economic growth will inevitably lead to environmental degradation. Firstly, a prosperous economy is associated with industrial development, which requires enormous amount of energy source and raw materials, ranging from wood to coal. Therefore, the more developed an economy becomes, the more its environment is exploited and the more fumes is released from manufacturing operations, which will eventually lead to problems like global warming. Secondly, as a consequence of more advanced economy, citizens with higher living standard have increasingly greater demand for consumer goods, thereby producing more waste and transforming the Earth into an inhabitable place. For example, a person in this century produces 5 times as much garbage as one in the previous century.

On the other hand, it is possible for the co-existence between economic growth and clean environment. Thanks to tremendous capital capability, affluent countries have been applying their breakthroughs in science and technology in figuring out measures to curb adverse impacts of economic expansion on the nature. In fact, they have found alternative energy sources such as wind and solar energy which are environmentally-friendly yet can fulfil the needs of humans. Furthermore, governments can invest in the upgradation of waste treatment system to alleviate environmental problems. If waste, especially non-biodegradable waste like nylon or plastic, is classified and recycled, sustainable development will be within reach.

In conclusion, even though it is argued that environmental damage is unavoidable due to the acceleration in economic development, it is quite possible if humans take actions to increase the use of alternative energy and encourage recycling.

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