Writing Task 2 - 2017 - Quý IV ngày 11/11/2017

Đề bài: People in many countries are spending less time with their family. What are the reasons, and effects of this?

Sample Writing Task Quý IV 2 - 11/11/2017

Nowadays, as the world is making huge progression, the society it creates also becomes more competitive pressurizing. As a result, people in many countries are spending less time with their family.

Like said, the younger people today are facing a lot more pressure the ever before. As a student, one has to deal with heavy workload, so he/she ends up having no time to spend with his/her family but rather friends. As a worker, one has to go under even more extreme pressure, he/she needs to work extra time to finish the volume of his/her work. This explains why they come home late and have no time to spend with their family members. Besides, the advancement of technology has made virtual communication easier than ever before. Just with a phone in one’s hand, he/she can easily chat, make phone calls and stay in touch with his/her family members; this has made him/her care less about spending time with the family.

The effects of this problem probably mainly lie in the psychological realm. Spending time alone to listen one’s own problems, in the long term, can leave one in acute anxiety. What’s more is that long-term anxiety can eventually lead to depression, the so-called silent killer. This serious mood disorder causes severe symptoms that affect how one feels, thinks, and handles daily activities, such as sleeping, eating, or working, explaining why it happens to be many young loners committing suicide. Thus, it is worth noticing that findings in Dr. Brenes’ research from the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry proves the relation between the lack of family interaction and depression.

All in all, there are many understandable reasons why people are spending less time with their family. Yet, being aware of the cost of living alone is important, as it can lead to many mental problems.

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