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Đề bài: Many developing countries are currently expanding their tourist industries. Why is this the case? Is it a positive development?

5 steps cho IELTS Writing Task 2



  • New businesses and more employment opportunities

  • Carpentaria Shire in Queensland: a rise in household income

  • Offer great economic benefits

Negative Development

  • Tourism facilities change the landscape

  • Kuta Beach in Bali is filled with trash

  • Stress on local land use, causing pollution and natural habitat loss


Body 1: Reason

Tourism encourages new businesses and more employment -> Ex: Carpentaria Shire in Queensland: a rise in household income -> offers great economic benefits

Body 2: Negative development

tourism facilities change the landscape -> stress on local land use, causing pollution and natural habitat loss -> Ex: Kuta Beach in Bali is filled with trash


The travel industry, as of now, is growing fast, especially in developing countries. The main reason can be that tourism generates a lot of profits and thus, is one of the most important economic sectors. However, in my opinion, this development might indicate some negative aspects for these nations.

Tourism activities are promoted in developing countries because they offer great economic benefits. As these activities get popular, people from other local towns and countries not only come to visit but also invest. This will lead to new constructions, new businesses and as a result, more employment opportunities for the local people. More jobs are created and the amount of income tax rises, contributing to the government’s budget, which as a whole can substantially improve the living standards of people and strengthen the country’s economy. For example, in the past two years, Carpentaria Shire in Queensland has seen a rise in household income after tourism activities were promoted and grew popular.

Despite the economic benefits it brings, the development of tours may act as a detriment to the local environment. The construction of tourism facilities like hotels can drastically change the landscape of one area. Tourism puts enormous stress on local land use, and can lead to soil erosion, increased pollution, natural habitat loss, and more pressure on endangered species. These effects can gradually destroy the environmental resources on which tourism itself depends. For example, Bali is hardly a tropical paradise as it used to be. Due to mass tourism, Kuta Beach has become a nightmare with trash everywhere, inviting rats to feast there day and night.

Overall, I believe the financial advantages that tourism offers is undoubtedly the main reason why developing countries are expanding this industry. Nevertheless, without proper maintenance procedures, this development can be troublesome in the long run.


  • generate: tạo ra

  • profit: lợi nhuận

  • economic sector: nhóm ngành kinh tế

  • indicate: biểu thị

  • household income: thu nhập hộ gia đình

  • tourism activity: hoạt động du lịch

  • tropical: nhiệt đới

  • promote: khuyến khích

  • maintenance: bảo trì

  • troublesome: gây khó khăn


  • S1 + can be that + S2 + V + O.

    E.g. One of the reasons can be that tourism brings about a lot of financial benefits.

  • As + S1 + V1 + O, S2 + V2 + O.

    E.g. As tourism is expanded, the economy is strengthened.

  • S1 + believe + that + S2 + V2 + O.

    E.g. I believe that tourism is the key to economic development.

  • S1 + V1 + because + S2 + V2.

    E.g. Tourism activities do harm to the environment because they drain the natural resources.

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