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Đề bài: In many countries today, people in cities either live alone or in small family units, rather than in large family groups. Is this a positive or negative trend?

Bài mẫu sample cho đề thi IELTS Writing Task 2 ngày 13/06/2019



  • No emotional support
  • Feelings of solitude and isolation
  • Find it hard to deal with problems

####Positive Development

  • Encourage individuality
  • Large and diverse talent pool
  • Help the economy develop


Body 1: Drawback

Living alone -> no emotional support -> experience feelings of solitude and isolation -> find it hard to deal with problems

Body 2: Positive development

More emphasis on individuality -> everyone gets to develop themselves -> Ex: women and children have more freedom in what they do -> larger and more diverse talent pool -> encourage the economy to grow faster


In recent years, the traditional family unit has undergone significant transformations, especially in its structure. This can be seen in the increasing autonomy of younger people. Despite some minor drawbacks, I argue that these changes are positive and would lead to an overall happier society.

To be fair, from one angle, people who live alone may experience feelings of solitude and isolation. Without their family members, they are unable to get the emotional support and daily conversations needed when hard times hit. Bearing the negative thoughts on one’s own can cause great stress and might lead one to experience anxiety. In the long run, people who are unable to maintain mental strength are likely to encounter difficulties and eventually fail in dealing with their life events, which goes against the initial purpose of living on their own: to fulfill their true potentials.

Nevertheless, the breakdown of the traditional family structure, to me, represents a positive societal development, as there is a greater emphasis on individuality. For example, women and young children are now able to pursue careers which would have been inaccessible to them before; thus, they have become much more independent of their families, desired to grow separate from their families and focused more on self-development. This trend indicates a larger and more diverse talent pool, which allows the economy to expand at a much faster rate. This, I believe, will lead to a greater societal wellbeing.   

In conclusion, conventional family arrangements have started to alter and I believe that these changes will have a beneficial impact upon society.


  • undergo: trải qua

  • transformation: sự biến đổi

  • autonomy: sự tự do trong hành động/việc làm

  • solitude: sự cô đơn

  • isolation: sự cô lập

  • emotional support: hỗ trợ tinh thần

  • anxiety: sự bất an

  • societal: thuộc về xã hội

  • separate: tách rời

  • self-development: sự phát triển bản thân


  • Without + Noun phrase, S + V + O.

    Eg. Without emotional support from family, people might feel lonely.

  • Despite + Noun phrase, S + V + O.

    Eg. Despite living alone, he is happy.

  • S1 + V1 + O1; thus, S2 + V2 + O2.

    Eg. I live with my husband and children; thus, I am very happy.

  • S1 + V1 + O1, which + V2 + O2.

    Eg. He lives alone, which gives him a feeling of solitude at times.

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