Writing Task 2 - 2017 - Quý II ngày 24/06/2017

Đề bài: Scientists predict in the near future cars will be driven by computers, not people. Why? Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

Bài mẫu Writing Task 2 Quý II - 24/06/2017

It is true that advances in technology have led scientists to suggest that it will not be long before computers will be driving cars. This trend stems from several reasons and has a largely positive impact on society.

There are many reasons why scientists believed that conventional cars would be placed by driverless cars in near future. Perhaps the principal reason is that autonomous technology had developed significantly in recent years and there is a tendency for every single task, from light housework to operating an entire production process, to be computerized. Therefore, the development of self-driving cars would be no exception. Another major reason is that countries are facing serious problems of traffic jams and car accidents. As computers are better than humans in calculating and processing, a technological breakthrough like a robotic car is achieved in the hope of dealing with these issues effectively.

In fact, self-driving cars would bring enormous and positive changes to human life. Firstly, they could help reduce a huge number of car collisions, which leads to injuries and casualties. It often appears that the majority of car accidents are the result of human errors or irresponsibility, such as driving while intoxicated. If cars become driverless, there would be no bad drivers and the roads would be safer for everyone, including cyclists and pedestrians. Secondly, this trend enables more people to use cars as there would no need for driver’s licenses or rigorous driving tests. People who historically have difficulties with driving such as disabled people, senior citizens or very young people, would be able to experience the freedom of car travel.

In conclusion, it is reasonable for scientists to suppose that we would use autonomous cars in the foreseeable future and I would argue that this is a positive trend.

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