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Đề bài: The news media have become too much influence in people lives today and this is a negative development. To what extent do you agree or disagree

Sample IELTS Writing Task 2 ngày 25/11/2017

The media undoubtedly exerts considerable impacts on the public. I agree that this is a negative trend because with too much influence, news can mislead the public’s opinions and course of actions on different matters. However, there is also a positive side of this as news is also able to promote the healthy development of a nation.

To start with, news can leave audiences with different impressions about life around the world. Via a few news articles, audiences can learn about how beautiful Japan is in springtime or how lively Bangkok is at night. It is also common to find articles on how miserable people are at wars, how bad the living conditions are, or how unstable the political situation is in some certain areas, for example, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan etc. This leads to people’s excessive fear, loss of tourism development opportunities, and hence, hinders those nations’ economic growth. For instance, due to the war at the border with Afghanistan, Pakistan’s tourism is unable to progress in spite of numerous breathtaking natural sceneries, such as Murree’s, or great values of historical buildings like the Badshahi Mosque.

Notwithstanding, the influence of news can have positive impacts thanks to the ability to inspire audiences and eventually stimulate a nation’s growth. While negative news can generate depression or sense of sorrows, good news can produce contagious positivity in each individual, encourage courses of action that can be advantageous to oneself or a whole country. For instance, recently, the remarkable success of Coteccons’ Landmark 81 has marked a milestone in Vietnam’s rapid growth. The completion of the building has gained a considerable amount of attention from the public, received a lot of media coverage and triggered every Vietnamese’ national pride as well as contagious happiness. It has also opened up opportunities for Vietnam’s economy by attracting plenty of international investment.

In conclusion, news is a powerful influence on people’s lives but whether it is a positive or negative trend depends on the types of news and the judgement of the audience.

Nguồn: DOL English

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