Chủ đề Shopping - IELTS Speaking Part 1 Sample band 8.0+

Khi đang luyện thi IELTS Speaking, bạn chắc chắn sẽ phải mở rộng các ý tưởng cũng như trau dồi vốn từ vựng hằng ngày mọi lúc mọi nơi. Thực chất, việc trau dồi các ideas và từ vựng hàng ngày giúp khả năng ngôn ngữ của bạn ngày được cải thiện, bằng cách như vậy, bạn sẽ dần dần có thể nói được bất cứ một chủ đề nào trong tiếng Anh khi được yêu cầu. Thông qua bài viết này, DOL English sẽ giúp các bạn mở rộng ý tưởng và từ vựng thuộc chủ đề IELTS Speaking part 1 Shopping.

A. Câu hỏi IELTS Speaking part 1 thường gặp – Chủ đề Shopping

1. Do you enjoy shopping?

I do. It’s not that I’m obsessed with fashion or something. I enjoy the activity itself. You know. I like wandering around shopping malls, trying on clothes that I normally wouldn’t wear, and laughing with my friends because of the stupid look I’ve created. I also like shopping for groceries. Whenever I walk into a grocery store, it’s the instant feeling of freshness that always excites me. Of course. I like to go shopping with my friends. Sometimes, I don’t buy anything and just go round and round shopping malls.

2. What do you shop for?

Most of the time, I buy clothes. I get bored easily so I always want to see a new me every day. That’s why I buy a lot of clothes so I never have to wear the same outfit for a whole month. Bad habit I know.

3. How often do you go shopping?

Almost every weekend. But usually, I don’t plan ahead. I’m a very spontaneous person and my shopping habit reflects that perfectly. There are so many times when I just walked past a nice dress in a store and decided that I had to have it so I bought it without a second thought.

4. Where do you usually shop?

I don’t have any certain place to shop at. Well, I did when I was in the U.S. I always went to Abercrombie’s and Hollister’s to shop for clothes. Their clothes are high quality and look super chic. Just what I like. But there are no retail stores here in Vietnam though.

5. Do you like online shopping?

Yes, I’m a fan. For somebody that doesn’t know how to drive like me, online shopping is wonderful. It’s so convenient because I can lie on my bed and shop with my phone. A lot of retailers now have the 2-day or even 2-hour delivery option, which saves me so much time and is just awesome.

6. What sites do you shop on?

Vietnam has some big online retailers like Tiki and Sendo. Some foreign companies have jumped into our market as well, like Lazada and Shopee. Those are the sites I usually shop on. I actually do Amazon too. For Amazon, most of the time, I just transfer money to my friends in the U.S to purchase what I want for me because I don’t want to spend extra for shipping.

7. What are some problems of shopping online?

First, it’s false advertisement. I bought a dress online and on delivery, it looked completely different from the photo posted on the website. It was such a disturbing experience. But that was a few years ago when there were not a lot of online retailers competing with each other. Now that there are a bunch of them, it’s very easy to find trustworthy ones. Another concern is information security. You can be a victim of identity theft or risk compromising your credit card.

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B. Điểm ngữ pháp trong IELTS Speaking part 1 – Chủ đề Shopping

1. Verb Pattern

• Like + V-ing/to + V; • Enjoy + V-ing; • Have time + to + V; • Find + N + adj; • Prefer + V-ing; • Would

+ V; • Save someone something; • Laugh with somebody; • Try on + clothes (a T-shirt, a dress, a pair of jeans…)

2. Sentence Structures

• I

say…; • /don’t think…; • My guess is that…; • It’s + something + that + V…; • I’m a (big) fan of/not a fan of…; • My favorite is…; • Nothing is better than …; • The best of all is…; • What I like most about it is…;

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C. Các từ vựng về IELTS Speaking part 1 – Chủ đề Shopping

• Be/get caught shoplifting = Bị bắt quả tang ăn cắp; • Cut back on/reduce your spending = Cắt giảm/giảm bớt chi tiêu; • Load/push (British English) a trolley / (North American English) a cart = Chất đầy/đẩy xe đựng hàng; • Run a special promotion = Tổ chức một chương trình khuyến mãi đặc biệt; • Do the the grocery shopping/a bit of window-shopping = Đi chợ/đi xem các gian hàng một chút; • Find/ get/ pick up a bargain = Tìm được/có được/nhận được một món hời; • Go on a spending spree = Mua sắm thỏa thích; • Go to the shops/a store/the mall = Đi vào cửa hàng/tiệm/khu mua sắm; • Go/go out/be out shopping = đi mua sắm; • Stack/restock the shelves at a store (with something) = Chất lên/chất vào kệ cửa hàng (với cái gì đó); • Hit/hang out at the mall = Dạo chơi ở khu mua sắm; • Try on clothes/shoes = Thử quần áo/giày; • (North American English) stand in line/ (British English) queue at the checkout = Xếp hàng ở quầy thanh toán; • Be (found) on/ appear on supermarket/shop/store shelves = Được tìm thấy/xuất hiện ở kệ siêu thị/cửa hàng/tiệm; • Be in/ have in stock = Có hàng trong kho; • Be on special offer = Được khuyến mãi đặc biệt; • Deal with/ help/ serve customers = Đối phó với/giúp đỡ/phục vụ khách hàng. Trên đây là những thông tin bổ ích giúp bạn có thể nâng cao Band điểm IELTS với IELTS Speaking part 1 Shopping. Việc trau dồi và rèn luyện mỗi ngày đối với kỹ năng Nói là cực kỳ quan trọng.

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