Talk About Your Favorite Food – IELTS Speaking Part 2

Trong bài thi IELTS Speaking Part 2, bạn sẽ được hỏi tương đối nhiều câu hỏi liên quan về Chủ đề Ẩm Thực (Food) như Talking about your favorite food, your favorite restaurant,v.v. Trong bài viết này, DOL English sẽ giới thiệu về các từ vựng liên quan đến chủ đề này, đi kèm các bài mẫu để bạn chuẩn bị tốt hơn cho bài thi của mình.

1. Bố cục bài Talk about your favorite food

Sau đây là một số gợi ý về phần trả lời trong phần mở bài, thân bài, kết bài giúp các bạn sử dụng 01 phút chuẩn bị cho hiệu quả nhé!

Mở bài: Now I would like to tell you about my favorite food!

Thân bài:

Chúng ta sẽ gạch bốn gạch đầu dòng tương ứng với bốn câu hỏi trên thẻ gợi ý:

What the food is: 

How it is made:

How often you eat it: 

Why it is your favourite food: 

Kết bài: That’s all I would like to say. Thank you for your listening 

Minh họa bố cục ý tưởng cho IELTS Speaking Part 2:



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2. Cấu trúc nên sử dụng

I’m a big fan of ……………. cuisine

I’m a food lover so it’s very hard to pick one favorite. But if I have to choose, It’d be ………

If I have to choose my ultimate favorite food, It’d be …………

Basically, it is made from ………………

Quite simple, it is made from …………..

The recipe of…….. Includes ………….

It’s my favorite food because ………….

3. Từ vựng chủ đề Talk about your favorite food

3.1. Danh từ

3.2 Động từ và cụm động từ

3.3 Tính từ

3.4 Thành ngữ

Have a sweet tooth: hảo ngọt

Work up an appetite: Rất đói (do làm việc quá nhiều)

Eat like a horse: ăn khỏe

Eat like a bird: ăn ít

Worth your salt: đáng giá

3.5 Tên một số món ăn

Bánh cuốn: Steamed rolled pancakes;

Bánh xèo: Pancake;

Bánh bao: Steamed wheat flour cake;

Bún thịt nướng: Charcoal grilled pork on skewers with noodles;

Phở bò: Rice noodle soup with beef;

Phở bò viên: Noodle soup with meatballs;

Phở cuốn: Steamed “Pho” paper rolls;

Phở chín, nạm, gầu, gân, lá lách: Noodle soup with brisket, flank, tendon, fatty, and crunchy flank;

Phở gà: Noodle soup with sliced – chicken;

Mì Quảng: Quang noodles;

Bún cua: Crab rice noodles;

Bún chả: Kebab rice noodles;

Bún ốc: Snail rice noodles;

Bún bò Huế: Hue style beef noodles;

Miến gà : Soya noodles with chicken.

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4. Bài mẫu Talk about your favorite food 

Bài mẫu 1: (band 8.0+)


Question 1: What the food is Well, I’m a food lover so this question is extremely difficult, I cannot pick just one! But if I have to, I’d say Bánh Cuốn or steamed rolled pancakes is my favorite food that I would like to talk about today.

Bánh Cuốn is a popular option for diners in Viet Nam. As the matter of fact, among the well-known offerings of Saigon street food, Bánh Cuốn is consistently ranked a top choice. I believe this dish originates from the Northern region of Vietnam, the exact date and time it was first made are unknown but it seems hard to deny that Bánh Cuốn has been made for years.

Question 2: How it is made Basically, Bánh Cuốn looks like a soft spring roll filled with meat. However, the recipe is much more complicated than that. You start with a steamed rice roll cooked on a pot which is covered by a thin fabric. Until the rice roll is very thin, it will then be scrapped off the pot with a bamboo stick. After that, the roll is filled with a mixture of pork, wood ear mushrooms, onions, and fish sauce.

Question 3: How often you eat it

I often have Bánh Cuốn once a week, particularly on the weekends since I prefer to have a quick meal during weekdays. Question 4: Why it is your favourite food This is my favorite dish among thousands of amazing food in Vietnamese cuisine because it is perfectly enough. From the smell to the taste, everything is just enough to make your mouth-watering. This is my favorite breakfast and maybe even dinner for many Vietnamese. It is a quick and delicious day starter.

Từ vựng:

steamed rolled pancakes: bánh cuốn

originate(s) from: có nguồn gốc từ đâu  

soft spring roll: nem rán, chả giò

scrapped off: loại bỏ

Vietnamese cuisine: đặc sản Việt Nam

make sb mouth watering: Khiến ai đó thèm thuồng/thèm nhỏ dãi

day starter: thứ bắt đầu một ngày Bài mẫu 2: (band 8.0+)


Question 1: What the food is I'd like to share with you a specialty that, among many delicious foods on Earth, is my all-time favorite. Pork stir-fried with basil is the name of this delicious dish, or Pad Kra Pao in its native tongue.

Question 2: How it is made In terms of the cooking process, I would say it can not be easieras it only requires the combination of two main simple ingredients: ground pork and basil leaves. Only commonly used spices like salt, pepper, chiles, and oyster sauce are required for seasoning. Once we have got enough ingredients, we will stir-fry the pork with the mentioned spices and add basil leaves at the end of the session before turning off the fire. The basil leaves are what give this dish a unique flavor.

Question 3: How often you eat it I have to be honest and say that, despite how appetizing it may seem, I don't eat it on a daily basis. I think just like with anything else in life, if we do something on a daily basis, we eventually will get tired of it. I prefer to eat it on a special occasion. Question 4: Why it is your favorite food This is indeed my favorite dish since making it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg. All we need is affordable ingredients that anyone can find in their local market. Another reason is because this unique cuisine reminds me of Thailand, a fascinating place to visit with so many interesting people to befriend with.

Từ vựng:

all-time favourite: luôn luôn là món ưa thích

combination: sự kết hợp

commonly used: thường được sử dụng

seasoning: quá trình thêm gia vị  

appetizing: ngon mắt, hấp dẫn

cost me an arm and a leg: đắt tiền

Bài mẫu 3: (band 6.5+)


Question 1: What the food is I'll tell you about one my most favorite comfort foods, which is fried chicken. I like it best when it is served with mashed potatoes and gravy. Question 2: How it is made As you know, making fried chicken isn’t very complicated. You only need several common ingredients like flour, garlic salt, pepper, and poultry spice. Then, you mix all of them with a few pieces of chicken in a big shallow dish. Afterwards, you deep fried those pieces to about 300 degrees. 

Question 3: How often you eat it I frequently have fried chicken with some Coca-Cola for lunch or dinner. I know it isn’t the healthiest meal but it has brought me so much comfort. Question 4: Why it is your favourite food The first reason I can think of is there is something about the crispiness of the chicken paired with the refreshing taste of Coca, making it a fantastic combination. Another reason is this meal takes me back to my childhood when all I had to do was stay on a couch and watch TV all day long.

Từ vựng:

comfort food: đồ ăn quen thuộc yêu thích 

complicated: phức tạp

flour: bột

garlic salt: tỏi muối

pepper: hạt tiêu 

poultry spice: gia vị gia cầm

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Bài mẫu 4: (band 6.5+)


Question 1: What the food is To me, burger is one of the best food I’ve ever had in my life. It is probably the most convenient and easiest food to eat on the fly or when I’m in a hurry. Question 2: How it is made

A lot of people like their burgers as complicated as it can be. I personally woudn’t mind having one that is quite simple. What I usually do is I add egg, salt, and pepper in a big bowl and whisk them all together. After that, I include the bread crumbs and ground meat before forming the mixture into 34-inch patties. The patties should be cooked for six to eight minutes on each side over a hot grill.  For a full-fledged dish, I add traditional condiments like mustard, ketchup, and mayonnaise. Question 3: How often you eat it I tend to have a burger at any time of day, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or supper. Question 4: Why it is your favourite food There is no deep meaning for why I like burgers. I just simply enjoy its taste and it is also suitable for my busy schedule. 

Từ vựng:

full-fledged: hoàn thành, chính thức

Condiments: gia vị

Lưu ý:

Đặc điểm của một bài band 6.5+:

Các từ nối và từ đệm được sử dụng khá đa dạng: though, you know, before, after, to be honest, actually, well, ..

Phổ từ vựng rộng hơn, từ A1 đến B2.

Số lượng các câu phức khá nhiều hơn và đa dạng.

Đặc điểm của một bài band 8.0+:

Các từ nối và từ đệm một cách linh hoạt: in terms of, though, you know, I would say before, after, to be honest, actually, well, first and foremost, last but not least, no matter what/ how, in fact, I have to be honest that…

Phổ từ vựng rộng hơn, từ A1 đến C2 với nhiều thành ngữ: once in a blue moon, it doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg to make.

Số lượng các câu phức nhiều hơn và hầu như chiếm đến hơn 90% bài nói.

Các từ vựng, cấu trúc câu và gợi ý bài mẫu cho câu hỏi Talk about your favorite food ở trên là nguồn từ vựng cực kỳ hữu ích giúp bạn trong quá trình luyện tập chuẩn bị cho kỳ thi IELTS. Tuy nhiên, có bao nhiêu nguồn tham khảo đi chăng nữa thì bạn nên chịu bỏ ra thời gian và công sức rất nhiều để đạt được band điểm IELTS như mong đợi nhé.

📖 DOL xin gửi bạn một vài chủ đề tham khảo khác: