Cách làm đề Describe a piece of electronic equipment that you find useful

Vậy thì hãy cùng DOL tham khảo qua bài viết sau để phần nào xây dựng được một vài idea cho đề Describe a piece of electronic equipment that you find useful IELTS , tiếp đó là tiếp xúc thêm với các câu hỏi liên quan ở phần Part 3 các bạn nhé.

1. Gợi ý dàn bài 

Đối với phần IELTS Speaking Part 2 này thì các bạn có thể linh hoạt chọn nhiều Elevtronic equipment để nói. Tuy nhiên, điều bạn cần chú ý là phải trả lời được những câu hỏi trong cue card và trình bày bài nói đủ 2 phút nhé!

Với đề bài này thì DOL sẽ gợi ý cho bạn một dàn ý mẫu như sau: 

Mở bài: Giới thiệu chung về công nghệ và nêu tên một thiết bị điện tử cụ thể

Thân bài:

  • Đoạn 1: Miêu tả cụ thể thiết bị điện tử mà bạn chọn (bên ngoài có màu gì, có kết cấu như thế nào, được làm từ chất liệu gì, bạn đã sở hữu nó được bao lâu rồi...)

  • Đoạn 2: Nói về công dụng của thiết bị điện tử đó (bạn sử dụng nó để làm gì, trong trường hợp nào, bạn học cách sử dụng nó như thế nào,...)

  • Đoạn 3: Lý do tại sao thiết bị điện tử này lại giúp ích cho bạn (công dụng của thiết bị điện tử)

Kết bài: Kết luận lại vai trò quan trọng của thiết bị điện tử này đối với bạn

Ghi âm lại giọng của bản thân và nghe nó! Điều này rất quan trọng trước khi thi IELST Speaking. Nghe đoạn ghe âm của chính mình không chỉ giúp phát hiện các vấn đề về phát âm mà còn cho phép thí sinh nghe tự nhiên và thoải mái hơn. Đặc biệt chú ý đến ngữ điệu vì nó cần phải rõ ràng nếu muốn đạt band điểm 6 trở lên.

IELTS Examiner’s Tips An Academic Guide to IELTS Speaking and Writing (by Karolina Achirri)

2. 3 mẫu trả lời chủ đề Describe a piece of electronic equipment that you find useful IELTS


Sample 1

Most of us have an ambivalent attitude towards technology. Some of us believe that technological advancements have led to a deterioration in life quality while the others do assert that the benefits derived from means of electronic communication are huge. One of the forms of technology that has been particularly vital to me is my Macbook. 

Macbook computers were created when Apple consolidated its PowerBook and iBook lines during its transition to Intel processor-based products. The Macbook is made of solid aluminum, giving it a distinct appearance and a grayish-white hue. This laptop has highly featured me for over 2 years. It’s such a labor-saving device for working since paper communication is virtually obsolete with email-the preferred medium of communication. It also provides me with educational resources of the most up-to-date knowledge. Furthermore, it is also a great piece for gaming coming with top-standard screen resolution and perfect sound quality.

Buying this laptop was a wise investment since it was crucial to my teaching career, I have always wanted to deliver the best lessons with the most innovative technology to my students and I assure that Macbook would assist me greatly in that effort.

Workers in all walks of life need to adapt and change as new technologies emerge; therefore, toting a Macbook is practically a necessity. In spite of being prohibitively expensive, it will pay dividends in the near future.

Sample 2

​State-of-the-art technology is a part of daily life. One of the most important technologies which are involved in people’s activities is mobile phones.

In the past, mobile phones were only used to communicate to anyone and anywhere. However, they are now more than just a communication device. With the help of a mobile phone, we can easily talk or video chat with anyone across the globe by simply a tap of a button.

Mobile phones have already been a necessity in our daily lives. Today mobile phones come in all shapes and sizes, with varying technical specifications and are used for a plethora of purposes. You can even use your cell phones to conduct banking transactions and other important tasks. With the advancement of technology, anything is possible. Be it processing a quick payment or transferring money to your family or checking the transaction history or accessing the bank accounts, everything is possible with a single button press.

While mobile phones claim to connect people and help them communicate, the irony here is that they are actually increasing the distance between people. Nowadays people are more hooked on their phones. As a result, rather than meeting or talking face-to-face, they prefer to spend their time on social media or texting each other.

Even though some people argue that using cell-phones has dire consequences that result in some social, medical and technical dilemmas, the benefits of these modern devices are important in providing users with convenient lives.

Sample 3

Nothing is better than using headphones to release yourselves from the outside world, to extract the noise around you and lose yourself in favorite music. There is no doubt the benefit, practicality, and the significance of headphones in our lives; everywhere-in workstation, leisure time, also headphones have become a valuable part of our modern lives.

There are numerous types of headphones: on-ear headphones, in-ear headphones, stylish headphones like cat ear-themed headphones…but to me wireless headphones are the most portable and logically useful.

My most recent wireless headphones are the AirPods Max which strike a perfect balance between thrilling high-fidelity audio and the effortless magic of Airpods. Airpods Max are designed for an uncompromising fit that creates the optimal acoustic seal for a wide range of head shapes-completely immersing you in every sound.

This object is involved in my social world from various aspects. I use Airpods Max when I want to concentrate on my study, when I go for a stroll in the park and lately when I teach online. It’s a great way to keep me focused and avoid distractions. Airpods Max are designed with a noise cancellation function to cancel the outside noise. Plus, listening to music is a much better experience when you have your headphones on. You can turn up the music as loud as you want without bugging anyone. So, we can confidently state that Airpods Max are an essential tool to overcome our stressful situation.

Headphones have delighted human senses in a variety of ways.

Since I am a huge fan of audiophile, I am incredibly enthusiastic about high fidelity sound, which resulted in purchasing the Airpods Max. I know that they are not cheap, but when compared with other audiophile headphones, they are well worth it.

3. Bài mẫu part 3 

3.1 Technology in housework

What kinds of machines are used for housework in modern homes in your country?

Well, there is a variety of equipment that we use to do household chores, but I think electric tools are very popular. For example, most families buy vacuum cleaners to clean the floor, especially people who cover the floor with carpet. These machines are not only time-saving but also more effective. It can absorb all the dust and minor obstacles that normal brooms are unable to reach. Nowadays, people also invent automatic wireless vacuum cleaners with the size of a dish. We call them a robot since they can automatically go around the house to clean every corner without human involvement.

  • household chores: việc nhà

  • vacuum cleaners: máy hút bụi

  • time-saving; tiết kiệm thời gian

  • absorb: hấp thụ, hút

  • dust: bụi

  • minor obstacles: các vật nhỏ

  • human involvement: sự tham gia của con người

How have these machines benefited people? Are there any negative effects of using them?

I would say there are always two sides of a coin. Modern equipment can make our lives much easier. Without the existence of refrigerators, freezers, and cookers, people would find it extremely difficult to store and process food. Besides, electric technology such as dishwashers, washing machines, or vacuum cleaners can reduce a great amount of manual work, allowing people to relax and have time for other important purposes. However, these innovations also make us lazier and more sedentary, which explains why there are more obese people nowadays than in the past. 

  • existence: sự tồn tại

  • store and process food: lưu trữ và xử lý thực phẩm

  • manual work: công việc tay chân

  • sedentary: bị động, thụ động

  • obese: béo phì

Do you think all new homes will be equipped with household machines in the future? Why?

Of course yes. As our world is leaning toward modernization, every house will take advantage of technology to help them with household chores. Besides, since people are getting busy, the support of these modern machines will become an indispensable part of our life. In the future, when more companies jump into this market, the cost of such technology might decrease substantially. As a result, everybody including low-income families is able to afford household machines.

  • modernization: sự hiện đại hoá

  • take advantage of: tận dụng

  • indispensable part: phần không thể thiếu

  • low-income families: gia đình có thu nhập thấp

What kinds of modern technology do people rely on in their daily life?

In my opinion, we are most dependent on washing machines. To be honest, I don’t think we can find any people in big cities who still do hand washing. This is because it is time-consuming, and the force we use to rinse the clothes may make our hands extremely weary. So, I bet putting clothes in a washing machine is people’s choice. Not to mention soaking your hand too long in the water can cause skin irritation.

  • dependent on: phụ thuộc vào

  • hand washing: giặt tay

  • time-consuming: mất thời gian

  • weary: mỏi

  • skin irritation: kích ứng da

3.2 Technology in the workplace

What kinds of equipment do most workers need to use in offices today?

Definitely computers. I believe every company mainly relies on their computer to work. It is understandable, as we live in a digital era where people can communicate with each other via electric devices instead of meeting up at a particular location. Consequently, using computers at work benefits offices a lot, as it cuts down a lot of travel expenses. For example, my company only holds virtual meetings so that all the staff can attend the conference without worrying about distance travel.

  • digital era: kỉ nguyên số

  • electric devices: thiết bị điện tử

  • travel expenses: chi phí di chuyển

  • virtual meetings: cuộc họp trực tuyến

How have developments in technology affected employment in your country?

Actually, the emergence of advanced technology has facilitated the work performance of employees. They can work faster and are likely to be more productive and efficient. On the other hand, it also creates an increasingly competitive market. It means that people need to get a higher education to be capable of using such modern innovation. As a result, it could lead to a greater unemployment rate since there is still a large number of unskilled workers. People might find it harder to find a job and employers may face a labor shortage

  • the emergence of advanced technology: sự xuất hiện của công nghệ tiên tiến

  • facilitated: tạo điều kiện

  • work performance: hiệu suất công việc

  • competitive market: thị trường cạnh tranh

  • unemployment rate: tỷ lệ thất nghiệp

  • unskilled workers: lao động phổ thông

  • labor shortage: sự thiếu hụt nhân lực

Some people think that technology has brought more stress than benefits to employed people nowadays. Would you agree or disagree? Why?

From my perspective, innovation has brought more advantages to employees. Instead of doing physically demanding workloads, people nowadays may use modern equipment to reduce their manual jobs. For example, builders no longer need to manually carry bricks or stones with the support of cutting-edge machines. However, on the other hand, employees have to deal with greater workloads, which explains why people are busier than in the past. Some research has shown that many staff claim they are put under a lot of pressure at work.

  • physically demanding: đòi hỏi cao về thể chất

  • manual jobs: công việc tay chân

  • cutting-edge: tiên tến

  • are put under a lot of pressure: đặt dưới nhiều áp lực

In your opinion, is technology making people’s jobs easier? Why or why not?

Absolutely Yes, thanks to the advancement of modern technology, people can do their job with more convenience. For instance, accountants may face numerous difficulties on their job if they don’t have support from computers. It’s nearly impossible for people to manually calculate large numbers, not to mention long and complicated calculations. Besides, innovative technology also allows people to store data, which is beneficial for information management. Nevertheless, this requires employees to undergo proper training in order to master these facilities.

  • advancement: sự tiến bộ

  • manually calculate: tính toán thủ công

  • complicated calculations: các phép tính phức tạp

  • store data: lưu trữ dữ liệu

  • undergo proper training: trải qua đào tạo thích hợp

  • master: thông thạo

📖 DOL xin gửi bạn một vài chủ đề tham khảo khác:

Câu hỏi thường gặp

Những thiết bị điện tử có thể mô tả trong bài thi IELTS speaking là gì?

Các thiết bị điện tử phổ biến mà thí sinh có thể nhắc đến trong phần thi IELTS speaking là: Computer (Máy tính); Mobile phone (Điện thoại di động); Remote (Điều khiển từ xa); Camera (Máy ảnh).

Gợi ý trả lời IELTS speaking: Thiết bị điện tử dùng để làm gì?

Có thể trả lời như sau: Electronic devices are commonly used in a large number of applications that formerly relied on mechanical or electric systems for their operation. (Các thiết bị điện tử thường được sử dụng trong một lượng lớn những ứng dụng mà trước đây chúng thường vận hành thông qua hệ thống cơ khí hoặc điện).

Gợi ý trả lời IELTS speaking: Những thiết bị điện tử phổ biến trong văn phòng hiện nay là gì?

Có rất nhiều thiết bị mà bạn có thể liệt kê ra: Computer (Máy tính); hard drive (ổ cứng), modem, monitor (màn hình), keyboard (bàn phím); fax machine (máy fax), scanner (máy quét), phone/PABX system (điện thoại/hệ thống tổng đài), printer (máy in), photocopier (máy photocopy), projector (máy chiếu), shredder (máy hủy tài liệu)

Gợi ý trả lời IELTS speaking: Điện tử giúp chúng ta như thế nào trong cuộc sống hàng ngày?

Có thể nói: It made people's lives easier, smoother and more vibrant, and reduced distances between nations. (Nó làm cho cuộc sống của mọi người trở nên dễ dàng hơn, suôn sẻ hơn và sôi động hơn, và giảm khoảng cách giữa các quốc gia).

DOL mong rằng các sample cho đề bài describe a piece of electronic equipment that you find useful cùng với các câu hỏi liên quan ở Part 3 sẽ giúp các bạn chuẩn bị thật tốt và tự tin cho kì thi sắp tới.