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Từ Vựng IELTS chủ đề City

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Exercise 1:

Pick the words that can be used as paraphrasing language for the underlined words in the sentences below.

With the current migration trend from the countryside to metropolitan areas, people are starting to wonder if city life has many advantages over countryside life. I think that living in the cities is more beneficial, especially for young adults.

There are many reasons why I believe that living in the city is more beneficial. Firstly, metropolitan areas are job hubs for

, which is why young professionals migrate here. For example, Ho Chi Minh City has many

in fields ranging from technology to marketing with great demands for workers. Secondly, the urban lifestyle offers

for young adults and educational facilities for their children. Big cities usually host an

of public events, like festivals, concerts, exhibitions, or sports events, where couples can go on their weekends. Their children would also benefit from

provided by many English institutions, sports clubs, and art centers.

However, that is not to say that life in the countryside is at a disadvantage. Firstly, it is apparent that pollution issues are drastically better

and rural areas. For example, because there are not as many vehicles in the countryside, there are

, which leads to significantly cleaner air. Fewer factories also mean

problems are better. Secondly, a lower living cost is also why many still want to stay in the suburbs. Housing prices in the suburbs are tremendously less than those in the cities, and

have the same trend. Also, because most produce comes from the countryside, if one eats locally, the grocery cost is reduced.

In conclusion, although living in the countryside also offers some benefits like lower living costs and less pollution, I still think that the urban lifestyle is more

, especially for young professionals.
extensive range
multinational companies
in the suburbs
a wide variety of industries
multiple entertainment options
fewer exhaust fumes
a diverse education
average rents
water and soil contamination

Exercise 2:

Pick the words that can be used as paraphrasing language for the underlined words in the sentences below.

City life is more beneficial.

Pollution issues are drastically better in the suburbs and rural areas.

There are lots of problems associated with people migrating to big cities.

The urban lifestyle offers multiple entertainment options

Housing prices in the suburbs are tremendously less than those in the cities

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