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Describe a Person You Admire – IELTS Speaking Part 2 Sample

“Describe a person you admire” là câu hỏi thuộc chủ đề tả người rất thường xuất hiện trong bài thi IELTS Speaking Part 2. Trong quá trình luyện thi IELTS, chắc chắn các bạn cần phải mở rộng không ngừng vốn từ vựng cũng như các cấu trúc câu tả người do chủ đề này không chỉ xuất hiện trong bài thi IELTS mà còn trong giao tiếp hằng ngày hay trong học tập, công việc. Trong bài viết hôm nay, DOL English sẽ giới thiệu cho các bạn các từ vựng cũng như các cấu trúc câu miêu tả người cùng với bài mẫu cho câu hỏi Describe a person you admire nhé!


A. Điểm ngữ pháp hay sử dụng cho Describe a famous person

Cấu trúc chủ đề Describe a person you admire

=> Introducing a person • I would like to tell you about…..who is…… • The person I would like to talk about is … => Brief description: • He/ she is, in fact, … • He/ she (is) currently… => When/Where/How you met this person: • I’ve known her/him since… • We’ve met … when I was….. => Appearance: • He/ she has… • His/ her … is… => Characteristics: • The best thing about him/her is that he is… • Regarding personality, he/she is such a… • Another amazing trait of him/ her is… • Besides, he/ she is… ⇒ What I mean is that… ⇒ He/ she really…. ⇒ I still remember one time he/ she… ⇒ For example

Từ vựng chủ đề Describe a person you admire

a. Miêu tả tuổi tác • He/she is… but looks very young for his/her age; • He/she is in his/her (early/late) teenage years; • He/she is … years of age; • He/she has just turned … this week/ month; • He/she is quite aged but he/she is still very young at heart; • He/she is pushing thirty/forty/fifty: Đang ở khoảng 30/40/50 tuổi; • He/she is in his/her (early/late) mid 30s/40s. b. Miêu tả ngoại hình => Eyes • Doe eyes; • Deep-set eyes; • Sparkling/ twinkling round eyes; • Hooded eyes. => Nose • Straight nose; • Upturned nose; • Hooked nose; • Button nose. => Lips • Full/thick/pouty lips; • Red/ rosy lips; • Thin lips. => Skin complexion • Fair skin; • Dark skin; • Olive skin; • Tanned skin. => General adjectives • Looks just like your average Joe/ Jane; • Looks like an angel; • Masculine; • Adorable; • Stunning; • Mature; • Aged Face shape; • Oval face; • Square face; • Round face. => Hair • Straight/ curly/ wavy hair; • Salt-and-pepper hair/ grey hair. => Body • Slim/ thin body; • Average build; • Large/ athletic/ stocky build; • Hourglass figure. => Facial marks • Freckles; • Fine/ deep/ facial wrinkles (around eyes); • Cute/ adorable dimples. => Miêu tả tính cách • Ambitious: Tham vọng; • Open-minded: Suy nghĩ phóng khoáng; • Down-to-earth: Chân chất thật thà; • Gorgeous: Tuyệt đẹp; • Trustworthy: Đáng tin; • Snazzy: có phong cách; • Absent-minded: Hay quên; • Inconsiderate: Vô tâm; • Driven: Có chí; • Hard-working: Chăm chỉ; • Judgemental: Thích suy xét; • Extroverted: Hướng ngoại; • Introverted: Hướng nội; • Charming: Duyên dáng; • Outgoing: Hòa đồng; • Role model: Tấm gương sáng; • Diligent: Hardworking; • Passionate: Tâm huyết.

Bài viết cùng chủ đề: Describe a famous Person – IELTS Writing Task 2

B. Bài mẫu Describe a person you admire

Đề bài dạng Describe a person you admire

Describe a person you admire You should say: • what relation this person is to you; • what are your first memories of this person; • how often you see this person. => and explain why you really admire this person.

Bài mẫu Describe a person you admire

Usually, people may admire a celebrity or a well-known businessmen/women. But for me, I’d like to talk about Gwen who is my girlfriend. I have known her since high school but not until our sophomore year in university that we started dating and she is definitely one of a few people that I admire a lot.

I adore her not only for her appearance but also her intelligence and the way she think of life…Well actually I admired her look first, the other parts kicked in when I got to know her more deeply.

I still remember the first time we got to know each other was during our class reunion in Paris. I don’t know if it was because of Paris or not but it was magical, I think that was the first time I blushed seeing a girl. The conversation started in a formal manner, but ended up being just like an intimate chat between close friends, because we shared so many common things in our interests and background. She struck me with her thoughtfulness and a bright smile.

She’s not only a beautiful girl but also a logical and intelligent person. She always see things under multiple perspectives and never assume or judge anybody or anything. She’s also very diligent. As a matter of fact, she’s already paying for her sister tuition fee and provide for herself conveniently. That is why I admire her as a person so much.

We are in a distant relationship now and because of the different time zone, we can’t talk frequently but I’m trying to get close to her as soon as possible.

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