Chủ đề Describe A Person - IELTS Speaking Part 2
Điểm ngữ pháp hay cho chủ đề Describe A Person - IELTS Speaking Part 2
Từ vựng hay trong chủ đề Describe a person
Bài mẫu Describe A Person

Chủ đề Describe A Person - IELTS Speaking Part 2

02/06/20195 min read
Describe a person là một trong những chủ đề rất được đưa ra trong bài thi IELTS Speaking. Để có thể hoàn thành bài nói của mình một cách xuất sắc để đạt điểm cao bạn cần phải liên tục trau dồi vốn từ vựng, ngữ pháp và kiến thức xã hội của bản thân. Trong bài blog hôm nay, DOL English sẽ giới thiệu cho các bạn các các điểm ngữ pháp có thể dùng khi gặp dạng đề describe a person.

A. Điểm ngữ pháp hay cho chủ đề Describe A Person - IELTS Speaking Part 2

1. Cấu trúc câu nên dùng trong Describe a person


  • I would like to tell you about ...

  • The ... I would like to talk about is …

Brief description:

  • He / she is, in fact, ...

  • He / she (is) currently …

When / Where / How you met this person:

  • I’ve known her since ...

  • We've met …


  • He / she has ...

  • His / her ... is …


Trait 1:

  • The best thing about him is that he is ...

  • Regarding personality, he is Such a ...

⇒  Definition:

  • What I mean is that ...

  • He / she really ....

⇒  Story:

  • I still remember one time he / she …

Trait 2:

  • Another amazing trait of him / her is ...

  • Besides, he / she is ...

⇒  Definition:

  • What I mean is that ...

  • He / she really ....

⇒  Story:

For example, ...

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B. Từ vựng hay trong chủ đề Describe a person

1. Sử dụng để miêu tả tuổi tác 

Trẻ emNgười lớnNgười già
He / she is a todler / baby / Infant / small kid / teenager.He / she is pushing thirty forty / fiftyHe / she is at my
He / she is in his / her (early /late) teenage yearsHe / she is a twentysomething grandfather / grandmother’s age
He / she is ... years of ageThirtysomething man / womanHe / she is in his / her (early /late) mid 30s / 40sHe / she is but quite aged
He / she is now inHe / she has just turned ...he / she is still very young at heart
Kindergarten / preschool;this week / monthHe / she is ... but looks veryyoung for his / her age

|Elementary school / elementary.

2. Sử dụng để miêu tả sở thích

He / she is into ...

  • He / she has always had a passion for ...

  • He / she has always found ... the most enjoyable / very fascinating

  • He / she is keen on ...

  • He / she is fond of ...

  • He / she takes a keen / avid interest in ...

3. Sử dụng để miêu tả ngoại hình

General adjectives - Tính từ tả chung

  • Looks just like your;

  • Average Joe / Jane;

  • Looks like an angel;

  • Masculine;

  • Adorable;

  • Stunning;

  • Mature;

  • Aged.

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Skin complexion - màu da

  • Fair skin;

  • Dark skin;

  • Olive skin;

  • Tanned skin.

Eyes - mắt

  • Doe eyes;

  • Deep-set eyes;

  • Sparkling / twinkling;

  • Round eyes;

  • Hooded eyes.


  • Straight nose;

  • Upturned nose;

  • Hooked nose;

  • Button nose.


  • Face shape;

  • Oval face;

  • Square face;

  • Round face.


  • Full / thick / pouty lips;

  • Red / rosy lips;

  • Thin lips.


  • Straight / curly;

  • Wavy hair;

  • Salt-and-pepper;

  • Hair / gray hair.


  • Slim / thin body;

  • Average build;

  • Large / athletic;

  • Stocky build;

  • Hourglass figure.

Facial marks

  • Freckles;

  • Fine / deep / facial;

  • Wrinkles (around eyes);

  • Cute / adorable;

  • Dimples.

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4. Sử dụng để miêu tả tính cách

  • Responsible;

  • Knowledgeable;

  • Adventurous;

  • Sensitive;

  • Reliable;

  • Sociable;

  • Energetic;

  • Funny;

  • Dedicated / committed;

  • Charismatic;

  • Creative;

  • Calm;

  • Versatile;

  • Persistent;

  • Punctual;

  • Obedient;

  • Tactful;

  • Audacious;

  • Sophisticated;

  • Industrious.

C. Bài mẫu Describe A Person

Describe a polite person you met.

Today, I would like to know about one of the most polite person I've ever known. He was a long-time friend from high school of mine. He Was Actually my table-mate, to be exact.

I first met when I entered high school and it was the first day. I randomly thing a place to sit, and he happened to sit right beside me.

We soon become good friends and high school together, we shared great memories with Each Other.

I like him a lot. Firstly, he is extremely courteous. I remember when we first met, as We Were trying to get to know each other, we Asked Each Other a lot of questions. What amused me Was Back Then he used to always say 'May I ask you a question about, whatever it was that he wanted to ask about that before every thing he Asked me. I thought It was Unnecessary goal now looking back, I think tt is a very nice way to avoid asking questions on very sensitive matters. And also, I like him because he is also studious. I mean he Spends a lot of time studying and reading. Throughout three years of high school, he always Remained the top student of the class, excelling at every subject. And as His table-mate, he helped me a lot in my homework and assignments too.

In conclusion, it was very lucky to have a friend.

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