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1. 2 bài mẫu describe a coffee shop ielts câu hỏi, bài mẫu, từ vựng sử dụng

Describe a café you like to visit

You should say:

Where it is

What kinds of food and drinks does it serve

What do you do there

And explain why you like to go there

Sample 1

Coffee is deemed to be an indispensable part of Vietnamese culture and just like the majority of people, I’m a huge fan of coffee, and my favorite spot is Windy coffee shop. It is located in one of the most romantic cities in Vietnam, Dalat.

It is a small shop, so most people find it challenging to get there. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to reach this place by car. The only way to get there is by riding motorbikes over a steep hill up to a pine forest. They only have a tiny sign hanging on the wall in front of the shop.

At the moment, the shop does not offer various beverages. There are only a couple of drinks on the menu such as egg coffee, expresso, and some kinds of juices. However, you won’t complain about the quality of such drinks. The egg coffee here is the most delicious drink that I have ever had in my life. It is a mixture of black coffee with egg yolks, sugar, and condensed milk. I promise it is a lifetime experience for anyone if they take a sip.

Actually, I go there every time I pay a visit to Dalat city. Besides the purpose of having a good cup of coffee, I also come here to take photos of the breathtaking views over the majestic mountains from a distance. When the night comes, farmers turn the lights in their greenhouses on, and it creates such a spectacular landscape.

The reason why I love this place is that it brings me to a new world that is different from my typical day. From here, I can escape all the hustle and bustle of my hectic city. All I do here is just let my hair down and immerse myself in the pure beauty of nature. It’s a good way for me to refresh my mind and replenish my energy. Moreover, since this coffee shop is situated on a remote area and not well-known, I find it much more relaxing, such a lovely and quaint place. For sure, I will maintain the habit of coming here whenever I have a chance to visit Dalat.

  • is deemed to: được cho là

  • indispensable: không thể thiếu

  • a huge fan of: một người hâm mộ lớn

  • favorite spot: địa điểm yêu thích

  • challenging: khó khăn

  • steep hill: đồi dốc

  • pine forest: rừng thông

  • beverages: nước uống

  • egg coffee: cà phê trứng

  • juices: nước ép

  • egg yolks: lòng đỏ trứng

  • condensed milk: sữa đặt

  • a lifetime experience: trải nghiệm đáng nhớ trong đời

  • breathtaking views: hướng nhìn đẹp ngoạn mục

  • greenhouses: nhà kính trồng cây

  • spectacular landscape: cảnh đẹp

  • the hustle and bustle: sự ồn ào và náo nhiệt

  • hectic: sinh động, tất bật

  • let my hair down: thư giãn

  • immerse myself in: đắm chìm vào

  • refresh my mind: làm mới đầu óc

  • replenish my energy: nạp lại năng lượng

  • remote area: vùng xa xôi

  • quaint: cổ, kì lạ

Sample 2

Well, I have numerous favorite coffee shops. However, if I had to pick one to talk about, it would be Starbucks, the one that is located in District city, Ho Chi Minh City. As it is situated in the heart of the city, right in the intersection between 2 main roads, it’s not really difficult to find.

The café offers several kinds of food and beverages. While most people come here for the expresso since it is very strong, I’m in love with the smoothies here. Some of my friends said they are addicted to the “Pink drink”. It is like a combination of syrup and tropical fruit. I would say it is a perfect solution for the scorching hot weather in HCM city. Additionally, you can find a few types of biscuits, nuts, or egg tarts here too though they are not my cup of tea.

I usually come to this coffee shop with the aim of doing homework or group projects. Even though it is quite crowded most of the time, the environment here is surprisingly calm and quiet. People seem to respect the common area, so they try not to disturb any customers here, which is so amazing. Moreover, because I cannot concentrate on anything in the morning without a cup of coffee, I often use the drive-through to get something to keep me awake.

There are a variety of reasons why I enjoy paying a visit to this spot. Firstly, it’s near my home. Actually, it only takes me about 10 minutes to get there, which is very handy. Secondly, the environment over there is suitable for several purposes. I can not only go there for studying but also for hanging out with my friends. In fact, whenever I need some personal space to recharge my battery, I also come to this place to read a book or listen to music. Last but not least, it's undeniable that the drinks over there are delicious. It perfectly fits people who do not have a sweet tooth because these beverages are made with a moderate amount of sugar.

  • the heart of the city: trung tâm thành phố

  • intersection: ngã tư, giao lộ

  • beverages: đồ uống

  • smoothies: sinh tốt

  • are addicted to: nghiện

  • combination: sự pha trộn

  • tropical fruit: trái cây nhiệt đới

  • scorching hot: rất nóng

  • not my cup of tea: không phải sở thích của tôi

  • crowded: đông đúc

  • calm and quiet: yên tĩnh

  • common area: khu vực chung

  • disturb: làm phiền

  • concentrate on: tập trung vào

  • drive-through: hình thức mua đồ mang đi

  • keep me awake: giữ tỉnh táo

  • handy: tiện

  • personal space: không gian riêng

  • recharge my battery: nạp lại năng lượng

  • perfectly fits: hoàn toàn phù hợp

  • have a sweet tooth: hảo ngọt, thích ăn ngọt

  • moderate: vừa phải

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2. Mở rộng part 3

What kind of people would like to go to a café?

I don’t think there are any certain types of people who love going to a coffee shop. Coffee is just like a culture, and an indispensable part of Vietnamese daily routine. Therefore, it is a typical habit of everyone. People normally go there for various purposes. Some people may just want to enjoy their cup of coffee while some go to these places to have a date with their friends or study, and even work.

  • indispensable: không thể thiếu

  • daily routine: thói quen hằng ngày

  • purposes: mục đích

Why do young people like studying in a café instead of at home?

I think the main reason is that youngsters are sick of their small study corner. As a result, they tend to go to these locations to have more of an open space which facilitates their creativity. Besides, the new education system requires young students to have constant group projects, which explains why they may choose a café as a spot to meet up with their teammates.

  • study corner: góc học tập

  • facilitates: tạo điều kiện thuận lợi

  • creativity: sự sáng tạo

  • education system: hệ thống giáo dục

Do old people like to drink coffee?

Yes I do think so. They seem to be more addicted to this type of drink than youngsters. However, I believe they only drink it at a moderate amount since elderly people usually face health problems that relate to insomnia. This means that they find it hard to drift to sleep at night. Meanwhile, coffee has the function of keeping people awake. As a result, to remain healthy, old people only drink coffee at a limited consumption, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t like it.

  • be addicted: nghiện

  • moderate amount: lượng vừa phải

  • insomnia: chứng mất ngủ

  • drift to sleep: chìm vào giấc ngủ

  • remain healthy: duy trì sức khoẻ

  • limited consumption: sự tiêu thụ hạn chế

Do Vietnamese people like to drink coffee?

The fact that Vietnam is one of the largest coffee exporters can tell how much Vietnamese people love coffee. There is no street in HCM city that does have coffee shops. I would say coffee is the easiest thing to buy here since there are boundless takeaway stalls as well as numerous street vendors on every corner. However, the thing that makes coffee special in Vietnam is the variety of ways to enjoy coffee. People even make coffee with egg, and coconut.

  • exporters: nhà xuất khẩu

  • boundless: vô số

  • takeaway stalls: quầy hàng mang đi

  • street vendors: người bán hàng rong

Lưu ý rằng không bao giờ đưa ra câu trả lời chỉ có một từ, luôn sử dụng câu hoàn chỉnh hoặc ít nhất là các cụm từ hoàn chỉnh và mở rộng câu trả lời của bạn bằng cách cung cấp một số giải thích hoặc mô tả

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Hi vọng với các sample mẫu cho phần thi IELTS Speaking Part 2,3 cho đề bài describe a coffee shop các bạn sẽ có thêm những ý tưởng để xây dựng câu trả lời tốt hơn cho bài thi thật nhé.

Câu hỏi thường gặp:

Những câu hỏi về chủ đề Describe A Coffee Shop thường gặp trong IELTS

  • What is coffee shop simple definition?

  • How would you describe a cafe shop?

  • What do people like about coffee shops?

  • What is the main goal of a coffee shop?

  • How do you attract customers to your cafe?

  • How can I promote my coffee shop?

  • How do Starbucks attract customers?

Gợi ý trả lời câu hỏi: What is the main goal of a coffee shop?

To provide a friendly, comfortable atmosphere where the customer can receive quality food, service and entertainment at a reasonable price.

Gợi ý trả lời câu hỏi: What do people like about coffee shops?

Professional, Quality Coffee! Another reason people just can't keep away from their local coffee shop is the quality of coffee that's on offer. When you go to a cafe, an expert barista can make even the most elaborate coffee creation with ease – you don't get that at home!

Gợi ý trả lời câu hỏi: How do Starbucks attract customers?

Starbucks uses a large variety of channels to market their product from social media to TV spots and ads. It's their mix of marketing media that makes their brand recognizable, and it's the consistent message that comes across every time that makes them stand out.

Từ vựng tiếng Anh về chủ đề Describe A Coffee Shop trong IELTS

  • Coffee beans: hạt cà phê; White coffee: cà phê với sữa; Black coffee: cà phê đen (cà phê không có sữa); Filter coffee: cà phê phin; Skinny coffee: cà phê ít chất béo, hàm lượng sữa thấp; Instant coffee: cà phê hòa tan; Espresso: một lượng nhỏ cà phê rất đậm đặc; Cappuccino: cà phê được pha giữa espresso và sữa nóng, có bọt và thường được rắc một lớp bột sô cô la lên trên; To gather coffee-beans: Hái cà phê; To drink strong/weak coffee: Uống cà phê đậm / loãng.

  • Latte: một loại cà phê của Ý, dùng với nhiều sữa và có 1 lớp váng bọt sữa trên cùng; Caffeine: một loại chất kích thích có trong hạt cà phê; Decaffeinated coffee / decaf coffee: loại cà phê đã được lọc chất cafein; Strong / weak: đặc/loãng; Brew: Pha một tách hoặc bình cà phê (hoặc trà); Grind: nghiền cà phê thành bột để pha; Coffee tree: Cây cà phê; To roast/grind coffee: Rang/ xay cà phê; To make coffee: Khuấy cà phê; State coffee plantation: Nông trường cà phê; Coffee production: Sản xuất cà phê.

  • Sofa: ghế sô-pha; Rug: thảm trải sàn; Armchair: ghế tựa Banister: thành cầu thang; Bookcase: tủ sách; Clock: đồng hồ; Coffee table: bàn uống nước; Ottoman: ghế dài có đệm; Step: bậc thang; Wall unit: tủ tường; Magazine holder: Đồ đựng tạp chí; Side table: bàn trà; Shelf: Kệ; Stool: Ghế đẩu; Recliner: Ghế nằm; Wall light: đèn tường; Ingrain wallpaper: giấy dán tường màu nhuộm; Table base: chân bàn; Rocking chair: ghế đu; Chair pad: nệm ghế; radiator: lò sưởi; fireplace: lò sưởi.