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introduction ietls writing task 2
Cấu trúc chuẩn của 1 bài IELTS Writing Task 2 bao gồm 3 phần: Introduction, Body và Conclusion. Cùng DOL tìm hiểu cách viết Introduction trong IELTS Writing Task 2 như thế nào cho chuẩn và hay qua bài viết dưới đây nhé.

A. Lưu ý khi viết phần mở đầu Introduction cho IELTS Writing Task 2

  1. Đừng tốn quá nhiều thời gian cho phần mở đầu, vì phần thân bài mới chính là phần “ăn điểm” nhiều nhất cho bài viết của bạn;
  2. Đừng viết Introduction quá dài, vì viết quá dài đồng nghĩa với việc mất nhiều thời gian và dễ mắc lỗi sai. Nên viết tầm 2-3 câu cho phần này. Cũng đừng cố gắng viết “hook” để gây ấn tượng với giám khảo;
  3. Introduction gồm hai phần nhỏ: giới thiệu vấn đề (paraphrase topic được cho trong đề bài) cùng với 1-2 trả lời câu hỏi của đề bài;
  4. Đừng copy lại hoàn toàn những từ ngữ hay cấu trúc câu được dùng trong đề bài mà nên paraphrase lại sử dụng ngôn ngữ của bản thân.

Ví dụ:
Because computers can translate all languages very quickly and accurately, learning a foreign language is a waste of time. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

  • Good introduction
    It is true that computer programs are now able to carry out language translation tasks far more quickly than any human can. However, I completely disagree with the idea that this development makes learning foreign languages unnecessary.
  • Bad introduction
    Computers are one of the most important inventions in human’s history and they have allowed people to do a lot of things that they were not able to in the past. They are also very easy to use and are becoming increasingly cheap and portable. The discussion about whether or not the assimilation of a foreign tongue is needful in this age of computer translation is a contentious one. It is undoubtedly true that computers will be of paramount importance throughout all human cultures in the coming years.


B. Cách viết IELTS Introduction cho từng dạng đề


It is inevitable that traditional cultures will be lost as technology develops. Technology and traditional cultures are incompatible. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this view?

  1. Agree:
    It is true that technology is developing at an incredible rate, and that traditional societies and cultural practices are disappearing as a result. I therefore agree with the view that technology and traditional cultures cannot coexist.
  2. Disagree:
    Some people would argue that technological developments lead to the disappearance of traditional societies and cultural practices. I completely disagree with this view because I see no reason why technology cannot coexist with traditional cultures and even enhance them.
  3. Balanced opinion:
    Some people believe that technological developments lead to the loss of traditional cultures. I partly agree with this assertion; while it may be true in the case of some societies, others seem to be unaffected by technology and the modern world.


Some people believe that studying at university or college is the best route to a successful career, while others believe that it is better to get a job straight after school. Discuss both views.

When they finish school, teenagers face the dilemma of whether to get a job or continue their education. While there are benefits to getting a job straight after school, there are also good reasons why it might be beneficial to go to college or university.

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Some people believe that school children should not be given homework by their teachers, whereas others argue that homework plays an important role in the education of children. Discuss both of these views and give your own opinion.

People’s opinions differ as to whether or not school children should be given homework. While there are some strong arguments against the setting of homework, I still believe that it is a necessary aspect of education.

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Ví dụ:
In the developed world, average life expectancy is increasing. What problems will this cause for individuals and society? Suggest some measures that could be taken to reduce the impact of ageing populations.

It is true that people in industrialized nations can expect to live longer than ever before. Although there will undoubtedly be some negative consequences of this trend, societies can take steps to mitigate these potential problems.

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Ví dụ:

Happiness is considered very important in life. Why is it difficult to define? What factors are important in achieving happiness?

It is no doubt true that the majority of people would like to be happy in their lives. While the personal nature of happiness makes it difficult to describe, there do seem to be some common needs that we all share with regard to experiencing or achieving happiness.

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